The Jumbo Pigeon Is An Extremely Rare Event (57/100)


”The jumbo pigeon is an extremely rare event which, due to the sheer amount of pigeons which die each year, almost never happens, and in case of a jumbo pigeon event, is highly unlikely to occur.”

Teksti on generoitu GPT-2-kielimallilla käyttäen syötteenä

Halusin tästä innostuneena tietää, millaisia mustia otuksia GPT-2 generoisi, jos saisi syötteekseen seuraavat poiminnat Postnormal Times -sivustolta:

Black Swans are ‘outliers’, things totally outside and way beyond our observations.
Black Elephants are extremely likely and widely predicted events that are usually ignored either by many or a society as a whole.
Black Jellyfish represent events and phenomenon that have the potential of going postnormal by escalating rapidly – even instantaneously.

Black Shrimp are unusual, mysterious – even scary at first look, but anyone can get their hands on them.

Black Hummingbirds are a huge ‘high risk.‘
Black Owls are a fascinating mix of a large, widespread ‘high risk‘ and almost ‘unlikely‘ event.
Black Widow Spider are very unlikely, while Black Snakes have gone ‘very‘ significant.
Black Stag are also highly unlikely but did happen recently ‘not‘ with

Black Calves would be likely scenarios that could occur in a society.
Black Rabbits, such as a Psychosis or Mystical Pupil are rare – almost impossible – in a human population. They would be more likely in an underground system. Black Hussars, Solar Flares, Black Moody and Tropical Storms, are rare but not unheard of in an underground human society.

Black Witherwings are highly likely and widely predicted events that are generally ignored or something most people know nothing about.

Black Bats are better documented than Black Swans and can have changes in frequency, extent and longevity which can make them trend breaking events and possible LTRs.

Black Rice is a substance which can represent a surprising amount of diversified new things that are, for some reason, supposed to go extinct in a span of 3 years.

Black Ice is also extremely likely and fairly well documented.
There are a lot of unknown events and ideas, which may or may not converge into future events and events that may or may not go postnormal.
I said it. I just said it. It is so overwhelmingly likely that it cannot be ignored.

Näin tiukkaan toteamukseen oli paras lopettaa!

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